Late Drop

Late Add

If approved, a late drop will result in a full refund of tuition fees and the complete removal of the course from the student's academic record. Therefore, a late drop requires the student to be involved in a truly extraordinary situation. A late drop must be filed within six (6) months of the end of the semester involved. A late drop is usually for all classes. Talk to your professor before pursuing a late drop petition. Your professor should be informed of your intent to change the registration status of your class(es).

If you are an Undergraduate student and have read and understood these rules and procedures and wish to continue with this process, email Academic Services from your Knightsmail e-mail account with your name, UCFID (formerly known as PID), and what type of petition you are trying to pursue (and the courses involved in your request), or come to our office in Millican Hall 210 and inform us of your desire to continue with the petition process.