Frequently Asked Questions

How do I petition for late add or late swap?

Effective immediately, students requesting a late add or late swap should be directed to the college that offers the course to discuss the possibility of a late record change. If you have any specific questions, please contact the college advising director for the college of the major that owns the course.

How can I obtain the forms for Late Drop/Late Withdrawal/Medical Withdrawal?

In order to obtain the forms needed for an administrative record change, you must meet with an advisor in our office. Please e-mail or call to find out the advisor's daily hours. If you are unable to come to our office, please e-mail us with your name, UCFID (formerly known as PID), what action you are trying to pursue and what semester and classes the request will affect. An advisor will assist you and send you the required forms. Please allow at least one week (up to two weeks during peak times such as shortly after the Add/Drop or Withdrawal deadlines) for a response.

What is the difference between a Late Drop and a Late Withdrawal?

A Late Drop and a Late Withdrawal are the same as a Drop or Withdrawal except that they are petitioned after their respective deadlines (Please check the Academic Calendar for dates). If approved, a Late Drop results in a full refund of tuition fees and the complete removal of the course from the student's academic record. If approved, a Late Withdrawal does not refund tuition fees and a grade of "Withdraw Passing" (WP) or "Withdraw Failing" (WF) will be assigned by the instructor according to the student's academic performance.

What is the difference between a "Withdraw Passing" (WP) and a "Withdraw Failing" (WF)?

A "WP" has no effect on the GPA whereas a "WF" is the same as a F and is calculated as a failing grade in the GPA. If your petition for a Late Withdrawal is approved, each course of the petition is assigned a "WP" or "WF" based on the professor(s) input. Talk to your professor before pursuing a Late Withdrawal petition.

Can my professor withdraw me from his/her course?

No. Your professor can support your decision to petition but does not have the authority to approve your petition. If your petition is approved your professor's input will determine if you receive a "Withdraw Passing" (WP) or a "Withdraw Failing" (WF) for the course. Talk to your professor before pursuing a Late Withdrawal petition.

How do I remove my Medical Hold?

The deadlines for receiving both your Removal of Medical Hold form from your doctor and your letter to the Committee are located under “Medical Hold Removal Applications” on our website:

If you no longer have the Removal of Medical Hold form, please e-mail with your name, PID and the semester you are applying to have your medical hold lifted.

You and your physician(s) will need to complete the Removal of Medical Hold Form and have your physician(s) forward the original form to Academic Services at the address on the form. If more than one physician will complete the form, you may make a copy of the form or request it from our office that another blank copy be sent to you.

In your Letter of Progress addressed to the committee you will need to indicate the following:

You may send this letter (during the application window) by email to, OR drop it by our office with a valid student ID, OR mail it to our office, address below:

Academic Services
University of Central Florida
P.O. Box 160125
Orlando, FL 32816-0125

The Committee reviews on a first-come first-serve basis once the above requirements are met. Any incomplete information or additional documentation needed will delay the review of your application.

Please note that due to student privacy policies, we can only give forms to and accept forms from the student requesting them – please do not have friends or family pick up or drop off forms. Postal mail is an acceptable option to submit forms, and we recommend that you obtain delivery confirmation to ensure receipt of your forms in our office.