The myKnight Audit

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What's Happening?

As part of the university's ongoing efforts to provide improvements in services for our constituents, we are working together with programs, colleges and Computer Services to provide a tool that will enhance the student's advising experience. Degree and certificate seeking students will be able retrieve a real-time status of their academic career progress in myUCF where the DARS audit currently is located. 

 The myKnight Audit provides a record of a student's academic progress toward completion of their academic degree or certificate program. This new audit provides many of the same features that the current DARS audit does:

  • the student and advisor can review the courses they have taken, including in-progress courses.
  • how many courses they need to complete their degree.
  • more information about a student’s transfer coursework.
  • provide a direct link to the registration system from courses required in their degree program.

The myKnight Audit can also assist students and advisors in planning for current and future courses as they pertain to the student's degree requirements.

Degree requirements in the new myKnight Audit are being programmed for students that are in the catalog year 2010 and forward. Students with catalog years prior to this date will require special processing by the advisor.

Why a New Audit?

The new myKnight Audit will provide information and functionality from the existing PeopleSoft Student Records system that should be easy to interpret by students, advisors, and faculty.

  • Course and Non-Course requirements can be tracked easily
  • Interactive report allows for enrollment from advisement report
  • Added batch printing functionality for degree certification
  • Stable technical support from Computer Services
  • Removing the DARS to PeopleSoft interface
    • Allows for real time updates
    • No more overnight troubleshooting
    • Eliminates interface errors

Service Now

Please report any technical issues to Service Now .