Request to Waive the 9 Semester Hour Summer Enrollment Requirement

The Undergraduate Degree Requirements in the current undergraduate catalog require students entering the State University System with fewer than 60 credit hours to enroll in a minimum of nine hours at a State of Florida university.  This requirement may be waived in cases of unusual hardship.

This waiver is intended for students who have hardships that prevent them from completing the summer hours requirement. You may only file for this waiver if you have no more available summer terms before graduation.

The earliest you may submit this form is after the last day of Add/Drop for Summer B prior to the term you are graduating.

Before submitting your request, please run your degree audit to ensure that you need to file a summer hour waiver, and verify the number of hours that you are requesting to waive.

By clicking the "Apply Online" button below you are confirming that you have no more Summer Terms left. Please make sure you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer. Some of the other browsers are not compatible with this site.

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